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History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ
History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ
History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ
History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ
History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ
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Nortcote Point, Auckland  

37 Queen Street
Northcote Point
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Northcote Tavern, North Shore, Auckland

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The first hotel was built on this site in the late 1850s by Phillip Callan, an innovative Irishman from Country Cork who arrived in Auckland in 1840. He bought a lot of land around Stokes Point as it was called in those days, built the first wharf and set up a brickworks on the beach from which he built a one-storey brick hotel and operated with a publican's bush licence (5 pounds per annum with no restrictions).

After a fire which destroyed the building beyond repair, tenders were called for a handsome family hotel of two storeys in the Italian order. Messrs Hammond & sons being the architects and the present hotel was opened in 1884 for business. Apart from the addition of a new wing on Queen St. in 1936 when the property was purchased by Mrs Myers of Campbell Ehrenfried and Co, the hotel has basically remained un-changed to the present day and still retains charm and atmosphere of a by-gone era. It was turned into a Tavern after the bridge was opened when the demand for ferry travellers needing overnight accommodation was no more, with the advent of motor vehicles home had become much closer than in the days of horse and cart.

The Highlander Bar with it's delightful outside garden is a family lounge bar which serves the local community well and Callans' Sports Bar he developed so many years ago. The Northcote Tavern stands today as it did all those years ago, facing Auckland city and the surrounding harbour, looking out on magnificent views which have been built out over time but the memories remain and she stands today as a reminder of history past and long may she be a part of the present and the future.

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History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ

Northcote Tavern

Northcote Tavern

Northcote Tavern


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