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History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ
History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ
History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ
History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ
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History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ
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09 480 7707

Nortcote Point, Auckland  

37 Queen Street
Northcote Point
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Raves and Reviews

We ate here recently with friends. We expected your normal average pub food, but were very pleasantly surprised. The entrees, and the mains were excellent. The calamari was cooked perfectly, something a lot of restaurants find hard to do. The lamb shanks and guinness and steak pie meals were also excellent. You ordered your meals from the kitchen when you were ready, so there was no pressure. The menu was simple, but there was no problem choosing meals, and when ready they were served to you wherever you sat (there were several seating options). The meals were great value. The atmosphere was great, very relaxed, and suitable for family groups of any age.
John N
Review from Menu Mania

Great place to while away a summer afternoon

Just a nice, kid-friendly, real pub with a great beer garden, generous, unpretentious food and a good whisky selection. Perfect place for a summer drink.
Gareth L
Review from Local List

A real pub

Northcote is a piece of Auckland that time seems to have forgotten about, and if you have an afternoon (well any time really) when you're at a loose end then it's definitely worth popping along to Northcote Tavern and go for an afternoon stroll post lunch. Perfect on summery days, the garden seating is pleasant and if you have small children, you can enjoy and they can run riot outside (this is up to your discretion of course!). This large Victorian pub is a site to behold, and unfortunately now rare in suburban Auckland. It's very cosy inside and a little like a timewarp - as it's a real, proper pub. Pub food is fine and what you'd expect. The real experience is being in a proper old pub and not one that is made to look like one. Go forth, enjoy!
Vicki H
Review from Local List

Best pub around! 5/5

Great pub! friendly, spacious and lots of outside area for kids to run around. Great interior with cosy fireplaces and lots of dining space. A must visit.
Shaun C
Review from Local List

Best place in Auckland on a sunny day!

"Sunny day can't beat Northcote tavern for a beer and some hot chips, while the dog rolls around on the grass happy..."
Owen S
Review from Local List

Best Beer Garden And Pub Food!

"A fantastic place to eat, drink and make merry with the added bonus (for parents) that it’s the perfect place to do all of the above with small offspring."
Blair G
Review from Local List

Such a great atmosphere!

"I LOVE this pub - the service is great, food tasty and really reasonable, and the outside garden bar is perfect for a sunny day.

We go to the tavern regularly and are never disappointed :)"
Natalie R
Review from Local List

Scenic Pub

"This old style pub brings out the best in fine quality pub food, with a top notch chef, who made the food experience one to remember for you usual but exotic pub food. the service by the waiters was extremely friendly and relied upon to carry out an order. their polite manners and bubbly attitude ,made the dining experience worth while. we would definately go there again, an all out banger of a place!"
Joseph N
Review from Local List

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History Northcote Tavern in Auckland, NZ

Northcote Tavern

Northcote Tavern

Northcote Tavern


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